Welcome to the new LexKyWeb site!

While the name might be LexKyWeb this site is mean to be a gathering place for all the residents of Central KY, their friends and family, whether they live in the area or not, that they wish to include. A site where well-mannered people will find that things are a bit looser that on some of the international sites and if you have a problem, you can discuss it with the owner.  A place where everyone is welcome and diversity is respected.

LexKyWeb is an ad free, not for profit site.  We do not harvest or sell your personal data and we don’t allow the big boys to do it. That is the main reason there are no ads on the site. The only information we track about your visits is that which is necessary to allow the site to operate.

The site and the content on all the inner pages will not be indexed by the search engines and what you say will only be shown to other members.  You have the option to create private groups that no member other than the group members and the admin can see.

The only public, indexable pages on this site are our About Page, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Pages.

LexKyWeb is meant to be a FREE SPEECH site but do keep in mind that personal attacks, expressions of Hate or Racism will not be tolerated.  People can disagree, even disagree passionately without resorting to name calling and personal attacks.

The site requires a minimum age of 18 to join as there may topics or postings not suitable for younger persons. While the site is for adults it absolutely is not an ‘Adult site’. There is no porn here nor is any allowed.

No activities or discussions that are not permitted by State or Federal law are allowed. The site is open to any law enforcement agency at any time

Members may wish to promote their products or services to other members. They are allowed to do so in public or group postings but are not allowed to email or private message other members with any promotional offers.

The site just went live so if you are one of the first few to join get busy and invite some friends to join you so we can get the party started.