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Way back in the year 2000, we had a dream for a locally based site that would promote those brave souls who created an online presence. We created this site as a directory for Kentucky based Internet sites. We always rejected 99.5% of the submissions because they were SPAM and never charged a single penny for inclusion or review.

Now that the major search engines have determined that all directory links are SPAM there does not seem to be much interest from quality sites in submitting to a local directory and I'm not interested in promoting the SPAM submissions I do receive. Also leaving the directory portion of the site up might be creating problems for those honest folks who submitted a real site and were accepted.

AS I've never been one to beat a dead horse there is no longer a web directory at this location.

Watch for an all new community based site coming to this URL in 2020.

If you have followed a search engine link and wound up on this page that page no longer exists.

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