A listing in the directory is assured and FREE if any one of these statements is true:

you have a business address in Kentucky and you meet our acceptable sites standard,
your site is about Kentucky and you meet our acceptable sites standard,
or your site contains information that might be of high interest to persons in Central Kentucky and you meet our acceptable sites standard.

Before you submit your site please make sure it is not already in the directory. We transferred about 500 listings from the old Search Engine so your site may already be listed. To see if you are already listed just type your domain name into the search box. 

If you aren't listed just review these submission guidelines and submit your site.

If you are the owner or manager of a listing in the directory  and would like to make changes to the title, category or description, please use this special contact form to  contact us.

Acceptable Sites
We are primarily interested in the Central Kentucky area. We are loosely defining that as anything in the eastern half of the state but all Kentucky sites are admitted. We will include non-Kentucky-related sites if in our opinion they contain content that might be of high interest to persons in Central Kentucky or persons who may be visiting the area. We are not trying to compete with Google, MSN or Yahoo and index the entire world. If in doubt please feel to submit once.
Repeated submissions or the submission of pornographic sites may result in your domain and IP being banned.

The Process
Fill out the form and submit your site. It is added to the pending section and is not visible to the public. We will be notified of your submission. A moderator will normally review your site within 48 hours. An acceptance or rejection email will be mailed to the submitting email address after the site is reviewed. If approved your site will be added to the public display section of the directory immediately.

Pick the single category that best suits your site. We aren't real strict about this because many times it is a matter of opinion; but in all cases we will make the final determination as to the proper category. Most people will use the search function. You will be found no matter where you are. Our categories loosely follow the major indexes. Your comments and suggestions about moving items or creating and deleting categories are always welcome. Use the special contact form above or the suggest a category feature within the Directory.

Before you write your description you should perform a few searches to get a feel for how it works.  The more accurately your description describes your site content the more relevant the search results will be. Please do not list a bunch of keywords in the description field. Phrases are acceptable. Sentences are preferred. We want clean copy for the benefit of those who prefer to browse the directory. You will be limited to about 2 1/2 lines of copy for the final insertion. The "submit form" above will not limit you to that amount. We will when we approve the submission. If in doubt submit more. We will truncate your description with ... To indicate there is a lot more to read if you visit the site. A human actually reviews each site.

Unacceptable Sites
We will not accept Adult, Warez and Hacker sites. Nor do we accept MP3 or any sites distributing unauthorized copyrighted material. Preferred sites will be suitable for ALL Ages.